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Healthy eating – Children of Mafecitas Community Home

Our Wayuu children – Swuinse Aijirawa Community Home

Holy Eucharist

Oral hygiene – our imaginary children

Our children of Creative – Covid-19 care

Delivery of markets to the families of the Mafecitas Community Home

Story “El Encuentro” (The Encounter) Mafecitas Community Home

Our Wayuu children – Early education

We reopen the doors of the Reina de la Paz oratory❤🙏

Thank you Nacional de Servicios for your donations🙏

Thanks to Mr. Jose Garcia for this donation of food markets for our Wayuu brothers🙏

August activities Suwuinse Aijirawua Community Home Wayuu Nation Program

Delivery of hamburgers to the families of the Comuna 10 of Bucaramanga🍔

Delivery of food markets to the families of the Comuna 10 of Bucaramanga

Delivery of food markets to the families of the Mafecitas Community Home👏❤🙏

Delivery of certificates in good construction practices👷‍♂️👷‍♀️

Kits delivery👏

Families of the Comuna 10 of Bucaramanga, Covid teaches us…

Covid teaches us…🙏

Thank you for your donations🙏

Professor of Department of Public Health, Universidad de Santander UDES👩‍🏫

Student of Speech Therapy at the University of Santander UDES👩‍🎓

Delivery of food markets to families of the Mafecitas Community Home👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Happy Teachers’ Day👩‍🏫👨‍🏫

Thank you for your donations🙏

Student of Psychology of the Universidad de Santander UDES👩‍🎓

Professor of the Occupational Therapy Program Universidad de Santander UDES👩‍🏫

Happy day to our children of the Mafecitas Community Home👦👧

Psychologist Johana Ortiz of our Mafecitas Community Home❤

Occupational Therapy Teacher University Of Santander UDES👩‍🏫

Head nurse of the Universidad de Santander UDES👨‍⚕️

Our children from the Mafecitas Community Home 📝❤

We keep going with the early childhood education program and the families 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

Delivery of nutritional rations for our children from the Community Home Mafecitas 🤝

Delivery of biweekly groceries for our Wayuu brothers 🚚

Law Students visit from the Universidad de la Guajira

Our Wayuu girls at the UDES World Return 🎬

Visit of the priest Martín Scott from Peru 🙏

Our Wayuu girls! Anthropology Program Forum of the Universidad de Santander UDES

Beginning of trainings for the Comuna 10 of Bucaramanga

Back to School Community Home Mafecitas

Cultural show – Wayuu Nation Program 🙌

Colegio Colombo Británico of Cali Scholar trip 🙌

Back to school Community Home Swuinse Aijirawa 👦👧

Young Women 2020 💪

This is how we ended up our Working Year ❤👏🥘

Spiritual Strengthening 🙏

New Cambridge School DONATON

DONATON Universidad Santo Tomas 🙏

Cajasan Supermarket Donaton

Universidad de Santander UDETON

Race day Celebration at our third headquarters of the Woman and Home Foundation

Children’s Day Celebration at Mafecitas Community Home

Helping the pregnant mommies of the Comuna 10 in Bucaramanga 🤰

Holy Eucharist 🙏

A dream come true 🙏❤

Today we welcomed our guests: UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency and the legal clinic of Universidad de Santander (UDES)

Entrepreneurship workshop for the children of the Comuna 10 of Bucaramanga

Bird Zoo Visit 🦅🦆🐦

Entrepreneurship workshop

Volunteer Daniela de Fex

Thanks MICA Foundation

Volunteer Andrea Juliana Gómez

Children’s Day celebration at our third headquarter Mafecitas Community Home – Ranchería la Playa, high Guajira

Children’s Day Celebration- University of Santander UDES

Certification ISO 9001: 2015 and IQNET

World return UDES 2019

Decoration to the third Valledupar headquarter and presentation of the Love Bond

Presentation of Women and Home Foundation at the University of Santander UDES

Brisas of Provenza neighborhood ideation workshop

Beginning of spiritual formation

First day Mafecitas community home

Deworming Day- Community Home

Godfather plan “Educate a Wayuu child”

Christmas Bonus 2018

Super Wayuu

Community Home Closure

Donation journey of Christmas bonus for our Wayuu brothers

Delivery of donations to the Brisas de Provenza community UCC and women and home foundation

Legal Squad in Migration Issues

5th grade graduation of our Wayuu girl

Eucharistic Miracles Event

Birthday Celebration at Respite Care

Sweet Friend Day Celebration

Receiving the first donation for the Christmas Bonus Activity 2018

Entrepreneurship Workshop

Ash Wednesday

Presentation by the Wayuu leader Rosa López- UDES

Guajira 2016

Grades 2016

Children’s Day 2016

Welcome to the children of the community home of Provence

2015 Christmas bonuses

Grades 2015

Christmas activity for street inhabitants